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Decentralized as Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg published a statement on his Facebook profile in which he summarized all challenges Facebook may face in 2018. The founder of the portal has always claimed that Facebook’s mission is to “give power to people“. Many have claimed that technology will be a decentralizing factor that will really make an individual matter.

The founder of Facebook also noticed that nowadays many people have stopped believing in these words. The reason for that is growth of several technological giants, as well as the use of technology by the government to monitor citizens and residents. It very often gives the impression that the development of technology contributes to the centralization of power.

The trend that opposes this situation, according to Zuckerberg, is cryptography and cryptocurrencies. Despite high risk and control difficulties, they are tools that transfer power from centralized systems back into the hands of people.

Zuckerberg also announced that he is interested in studying the positive and negative aspects of this technology, and will also consider how to implement their capabilities in Facebook.