Making money online at home - Bitcoin mining

money of the future!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first decentralized digital currency that works peer-to-peer without a need for bank central repository.
Which mean, we don't have to pay a bank fees for our transactions.

How people mine bitcoins?

Miners are solving math problems to receive bitcoins.
Instead of doing it on their own, they use computers and special software.
They also team up and put all equipment in one place, to mine bitcoins more efficiently, what gives more income from bitcoin mining.
BitClub Network is one of such miners group.
BitClub Network is in the top 10 biggest mining groups in the world (live mines ranking).

What is BitClub Network?

Nowadays, it is very hard to mine bitcoins on your own.
Groups like BitClub Network mine bitcoin with significantly higher efficiency than individuals, since people are monitoring and tuning mining process 24/7.
Everyone can join bitcoin mining and become a bitcoin miner.

If you are looking for a passive income, then you may be interested in Bitcoin mining.
Having in mind how fast bitcoin prices are raising, it can be a very good investment.

You can start mining Bitcoin and earning passive income by joining BitClub Network. Whole registration process takes about one minute.

After you register and purchase mining equipment on BitClub Network website, company will buy and install new equipment in their headquarter in Iceland.

Before registration, make sure your user name has a prefix B3TEAM, so you will join "Be Free Team".
Sample usernames: B3TEAM.Tom90 , B3TEAM.Lucy45

Start bitcoin mining!

How to invest in Bitcoin mining?

BitClub Network gives the opportunity to become a worldwide investor even from home.

Here you can read more about digital assets, mining shares and the opportunity BitClub Network gives.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

Bitcoins are traded on a global markets like Nasdaq the same way stocks are.

To start, you will need your Bitcoin trading account.
Most popular cryptocurrencies trading platforms:
1. BitBay - I use this one.
2. Etoro
3. Coinbase

*If your Bitcoin trading company has a mobile application, download it and log in to your account.
Doing transfers via mobile using QR codes is much faster and simpler.

How to buy bitcoin?

  1. Transfer adequate amount of money, for which you want to buy Bitcoin, from your bank account to your Bitcoin trading account.
  2. Buy Bitcoins on your trading account.

How to buy Bitcoin mining shares?

  1. Log in to your BitClub Network account.
  2. Go to 'Upgrade Account' in top right corner.
  3. Click 'Upgrade Me'.
Ways to earn money online at home

Now, you have 10 minutes to send a Bitcoin transfer from your trading account to BitClub.

IMPORTANT: If 5 minutes on the clock has passed, refresh BitClub browser window and then send transfer to new address. Amount may also slightly change.

Via mobile:
6a. Scan a QR code and proceed in your application (very intuitive).

Via web browser:
6b. Copy whole Bitcoin number from BitClub Network page and paste in 'Amount' field on your outgoing transfer form.
6bb. Copy whole 'Send Bitcoin here' string from BitClub Network page and paste in 'Send To' field on your outgoing transfer form.
6bbb. Send transfer.

Start making money online at home - BitClub

Bitcoins should be received by BitClub Network within 30-60 seconds.

Congratulations, your account is now upgraded.

You can now purchase mining share.

Go to:
1. BitClub Network web page.
2. Shop -> Buy Mining Shares.
3. Choose mining share.
4. Perform Bitcoin transfer from your trading account to BitClub Network.

Ways on how to make money online at home
You have become an investor and started creating your passive income.

Bitcoin will constantly grow

Overtake others before they overtake you. Start investing today.

Currently, one Bitcoin is worth: