Since IT world is continuously expanding, more and more people are looking for how to earn money online from home.

In a result of expanding demand for such service, new businesses are opening to allow people to make money online fast.

I will write about company called Rockwall Investments, in which I have invested my money, tested and can recommend.

What does Rockwall Investments offer?

Rockwall Investments is a platform, on which people can invest in three markets:
1. Cryptocurrencies mining
2. Cryptocurrencies trading
3. Real estate

Platform's story begun in first quarter of 2017, when Wiktor and Rafal decided to create a reliable investing platform, based on real products like mining equipment, real estate.

During few months they have created a network of business partners including cryptocurrency mines, experienced traders and real estate agents managing the most luxurious buildings in the world.
Their goal is to deliver the most reliable, profitable platform which will allow people to earn money safely.
They want to provide the best service possible, since they threat each investor like a family.

Investing via this platform does not require any expert knowledge and can be done by everyone.

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Want to know how to earn money online from home? Read below:

Investing options

Option 1:

Passive invest - passive income from trading on exchange market.

If you have no idea about exchange market or you have no time to trade and want to earn up to 1.5% daily, then this option may be interesting for you.

Best ways to earn passive income - Rockwall

How it works?
For 150 days, invested money will be used by professional exchange traders to trade on exchange markets.
Each day, you will receive up to 1.5% of the amount that you have invested.

After 150 days, you can receive up to 225% of invested amount (profits depends on traders results during this period).

Current average reckon up is 1.2% a day.
150 days * 1.2% = 180%
What gives me 80% of real profit.

How to earn even more from the same investment?
Since, profits are transferred to your account daily, you can benefit from compound interest.
For example, if you will invest $1000, you will receive up to $15 each day. So after ~4 days you will be able to deposit next $50(minimum deposit), which will work for next 150 days.
By doing that, after 150 days you can have even $8000 working for you!

Obviously, the more you deposit, the bigger profits you can earn in the same time.

Option 2:

Cryptocurrency mining - cryptocurrencies mining by professional mining stations.

If you would like to mine cryptocurrencise, but don't have required knowledge or equipment, then you can easily use this option.

How it works?
You can buy power of professional cryptocurrencies mining stations from Rockwall Investment. Power of such stations is measured in MH/s (mega hash per second).

Price of 1 MH/s depends on how many you want to buy:
1-99 MH/s – $25 each
100-599 MH/s – $24 each
600-4000 MH/s – $23 each

A quick way to make money online

Each Mega Hash is bought for 730 days. During this time, machine will mine cryptocurrency for you and move mined amount to your trading account.

As for now, Rockwall Investment allows to mine three cryptocurrencies: Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and  Z-Cash.

Current price of second most popular cryptocurrency (Bitcoin is most popular):

Each MH/s will start mining after 30 days, since company have to buy mining equipment and install it. After 30 days, 500 days mining period will start.

It is possible to buy more MH/s at any time.

Option 3:

Matrix (Shield) - money for recommending platform to new members.

Each time a new user will register from your recommendation and will buy a matrix, you will get 8% of it's value.
So in case of matrix for $10, you will receive $0.8.

Additionally, if number of members in the matrix will reach 39, matrix will be closed and you will receive matrix value multiplied by 20.
So in case of matrix for $10, you will receive $200.

How matrix is filling with members?
Every time when you invite a new person to the platform and this person will buy a matrix, he will be added to your matrix.
If member invited by you will invite new person and this person will buy a matrix, then he will be also added to your matrix.

There can be a situation that you have invited only 5 people and they have invited 34 new members. Your matrix will close and you will receive matrix value multiplied by 20.

Everyone who is in your matrix helps you close it.

Easy ways to make money online at home

Rewards for closed matrixes:
Matrix for 10$ = 20×10 = 200$
Matrix for 25$ = 20×25 = 500$
Matrix for 50$ = 20×50 = 1000$
Matrix for 75$ = 20×75 = 1500$
Matrix for 100$ = 20×100 = 2000$

Every time after matrix is closed, a new matrix is automatically opened for free.
So by investing once, you can receive benefits for very very long time.

To be qualified for 8% commission and withdrawals, it is required to have a matrix for $25.

Work smarter, not harder !

Rockwall Investments founders
The best ways to earn money online at home

Wiktor and Rafal - new technologies enthusiasts.
Experienced businessmen and marketers.
Both looking forward to the future.

Their life motto is „Take small spoon often rather than big one occasionally”.

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