1. Read a valuable book every day for at least 15 minutes. Every day you will be richer with additional knowledge, which you can use in real life.

2. Start the day with small activity, which is beneficial for you. Cold shower? Favorite coffee? Quick swimming? Choice is big. A well-started morning often heralds a good day.

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3. Find time only for yourself, when you do not think about duties or problems. Relax, clean your mind. Each of us needs a moment of loneliness. Mediation is a great way to fade our mind out.

4. Wisely organize your time. Make a list of goals, which you want to achieve each month/week and then break it into daily tasks. You will see that everything will become more ordered and easier to perform and achieve.

5. At the end of the week, mark all the goals you have accomplished. This will motivate you to continue working!

6. Keep order around you. In such conditions it is easier to focus. This will definitely affect your productivity.

7. Do not forget about your loved ones. Invite your friend to dinner. Call your parents, ask them what’s going on. Show people that they are important to you.

8. Find a person much smarter than you and learn from her actions. To grow, you must have a good role model/mentor.

9. Think twice before you say anything. People often regret ill-considered words.

10. If someone did their job wrong, then tell him. People who can separate effect of their work from an opinion about themselves will thank you. Do not be afraid that someone will be offended. By pointing out other mistakes, you are doing them a favor. However, do it with a good intention, not just to hurt them.

11. Do not worry about things you can not control. Accept them as they are. Do your part and focus on what is important.

11. Stop for a moment, look around you. Stop rushing constantly and pay attention to what surrounds you; people, nature, family. Feel gratitude for what you already have. Make your life happier.

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12. Do not look at the world through stereotypes that are very restrictive. Be aware that everyone has their own opinions and believes. You can have yours.

13. Create opportunities for development. If you are constantly talking about what you would like and are avoiding situations that could develop you because they are difficult, then now is the time to trust yourself and start perusing dreams.

14. Do not expect anything from others. This way you will avoid disappointments. Everyone has the right to do what they want. If you understand this, no one will ever hurt you mentally.

15. Separate work and rest time. When you are at work, work. When you rest, rest at 100%. Don’t think about rest when you are at work, so you won’t think about work when you rest.

16. Do one good deed a day. Once smaller, once larger. Support people and always wish them them well. Make their life happier and believe me, it will make your life happier.

17. Work on good habits! Do you want to get up early? Or maybe you want to learn a foreign language? Every habit requires repetition. The longer you do something, the more you will perpetuate it.

18. Remember that your happiness lies in your hands. Nothing happens accidentally. Therefore, do not wait and earn your happiness by yourself.

19. The only constant thing is change. Do not be afraid of it. However, remember that every change involves resignations.This is normal. Are you able to accept the change if its price is temporary discomfort?

20. Be humble. We are all only humans and you have the right to be wrong. Accept criticism, however, do not take it too personally.

21. Focus on here and now. Do not think about the distant future all the time. Save yourself this unnecessary stress. It is important to have a plan, but not to swing in the clouds.

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