In this text I have gathered many beliefs about achieving success, personal development and motivation that I heard, seen and read.

Many of them are unconscious beliefs of people who are in the stream of cultural limitations and do not know how to get out of it.
You would not blame dog for barking or cat for meowing, right?

Imagine you are talking to your friend who is filled with beliefs that it is not worth achieving success.
Here’s what you can hear from him:


1. You are conceited

You should not desire success, because you should be mediocre. You should not strive to realize your uniqueness, individuality, talent that no one else has. You should not lean out because you will get a kick right away, because not aiming high and being a victim is normal. Do not stand up, because it’s fine as it is. It is good that it is not bad.


2. You will not be happy

While going for success, you will always be struggling and tired. Look at me, I am obese and everyone thinks I’m a nice guy. Nobody will think that I’m a stupid meathead! Clever, eh? I have my morning to evening job, so if I work hard, it means it’s okay, right? I know that my boss may give me a 2% raise in some time, I estimate that will be next year. He lash out at me only from time to time, but I know he is a good guy. I’m a male, so cheap cloths are enough for me; cheap is good. Happiness and success do not go hand in hand, just as an attractive woman is known to cheat faster. You know? It does not go together. Either you are happy or you have a lot of money. I chose happiness.


3. Why do you need it?

Luxury car? Are you crazy? After all, someone will steal it from you or scratch it. How will you drive it on such bad roads? A tailor-made suit? It’s a waste of money, buy yourself a generic one. Such a large apartment, in a good neighborhood? You like to show off, right? Travel to distant countries? It’s dangerous there, can kidnap you, beat you up, rape you or even kill you. Everything is here where we live. Red wine from Argentina? Expensive steak? Coaching and personal development courses? Dude, please, my wife is coaching me every night, better let’s go for a beer.


4. Why do you need so much?

You have enough for bills, right? That’s enough! Pay them, work honestly like the others from morning to evening. It’s not your fault that you do not make enough money, but banks that have used you. “Money does not give happiness”, remember? Besides, if you have a lot, it means you took it from others. Anyway you will not spend so much, so give some of it to those who need it more. The amount of money you have is not an expression of your life’s prowess, intelligence, entrepreneurship – after all, we all know that wealthy person is a thief, who certainly never have time and never sees his family.How to earn money online at home - Logan Paul


5. You will get what is coming

Everything that’s flying must fall someday. There is no “never-ending success”, you will see how soon you will fall on your neck. Dark times will come. It will be worse, there is no such thing as “endless success.” This is not a negative thinking, it’s realism, I know what I’m talking about, because I know. You will see, you will remember my words one day.


6. They will find a way to take you down

It’s just a bull that you have such a happy marriage. Have you ever argued? You see, so why are you telling me about the intelligence of the relationship. If you would really love each other, there would never be a conflict. Real connections are to the grave. You’ll see, they will find dirt about you. It can not be that you are a happy husband, a loving father, a good entrepreneur and look good – there is no way, no one is like that. Something must be wrong and I will not rest until I find out the whole truth. So what is the whole truth? That you are lying, that you are angry, artificial, that you are making it up. You’re guilty, just have to find a proof. I will wait and when you stumble I will reminding you my words.


7. You are crazy

You live in dreamland and have forgotten what the real world is like. You have no idea about normal life. So what that you have started from scratch and nobody gave you anything. Some are lucky and others are not? We would see how tough you are, if you would get as little as I have to live. You were in the same situation as me and you managed to succeed because you learned the skills needed to achieve goals? No, you were not in a situation like me. Nobody has such tough life as I do. Seriously, you do not understand normal people.


8. Others will not like it

Why do you want it? Did you hear other people comments? Do you know how your successes will not please them? Look, that chick is dressed well, she is definitely stupid and empty. Look, that guy runs in this funny, tight-fitting suit each morning, he for sure do not sleep enough. Those top guys from the richest hundred certainly have something behind their ears. People will not like your success, do you understand? They will slander you later, they will send you bad energy, they will destroy you. Better do nothing and do not give them a reasons.


9. You do not respect others

Have you seen how much other people earn? How dare you insult them? Look how people suffer, and you enjoy life? Seriously, it’s not stupid for you to act so selfishly with your successes? A lonely mother barely keeps a baby and herself alive, and you ride limo instead of driving normal car and giving her the rest of money? So what that you give people jobs, after all you hire them for garbage salary and weasel, all successful people weasel. Someone who does not feel guilty having more than others can not be a good person.


10. You really did not achieve real success

Anyway, let’s not kid yourself. You’ve achieved all this yourself, right? No no no, you’ve come to the right people at the right time. You were lucky. Did you write so many books? Stop it, if anyone else would want to write them, he would do it too. Did you lose weight? So what if you did not enjoy life at that time. Did you make a good deal? No, you cheated the naive. Understand that you really have not achieved anything. You are not unique. You are not a chosen one. Everyone can do what you do, but they just don’t want to do it.


Do not lean out, mediocrity is good.
Do not show that it is possible, because it is not.
Don’t prove the miracle of existence on your example, because you will be knocked down and you will know your place.
Do not earn more than others, because it makes them poorer.
Do not talk about where you were on vacation, because not everyone can afford them and they will be sad.
There is no need to go somewhere far away, it’s good everywhere, but it’s best at home.
Do not even start it, because if you will try and it will not come out, you will be disappointed.
Do not even think abut it, honey is too good for a bear.
You do not know how. You are not allowed. You can not. It’s not possible.


Having all of this in mind, be aware of people who try to take you down or stop your progress. Keep grinding to achieve your dreams.
I believe that everyone, no matter what, can achieve success and I hope you will !

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